Xpressions is the monthly magazine of UAE Exchange. The name is short, unique, and descriptive, and accurately conveys the message that the book contains. The essential strength of the magazine is its ability to project the monthly events of the company and employees across the country. Commencing with the message of the Managing Director which voices his ideologies and aspirations for his employees and winding up with the literary contributions of the staff from across the company, the magazine is indeed the expression of the company.

Xpressions blooms every month expressing the employee engagement in a meaningful tagline – Let Our Values Emerge (LOVE).  The tagline conveys the significant message that the company has its own mission of spreading Values and Love. Fostering internal communication, the magazine aims to engage employees through the views and points in business and personal aspirations building a sense of pride.  The internal magazine is one of the best platforms for the organisation to express innovations, changes and appreciate loyal employees for their contributions. By creating momentum in the mindset of employees, a journey of Xpression continues to portray the depth of hard work, dedication, loyalty and also highlight the stories of people who had succeeded in bringing many transformations. The magazine covers a range of subjects including business, art, culture, and health, which gives the reader a holistic reading experience.

Expressing Employees

Xpression is an integral part of company’s internal communication that focuses on publicising employee views on working space and their personalities outside the organisation. Events, stories, and personal experiences are expressed in simple and easy language that can be absorbed within minutes cultivating employee relations in the company. Apart from business and corporate views, Xpressions highlights employee aspiration, a contradiction to usual trends in internal publications. The employee contribution and feedback have increased when compared to preceding years.

Xpressions is not a platform solely dedicated to the company’s staff, contributions of customers are also highly valuable, which is what makes the magazine a success. Being the company’s official magazine, it also features updates on the latest products and services like offers, new forays, and latest facilities made available in the numerous verticals of the company. Xpressions is all about employees and their actions.

Connecting each and every corner of company branches, Xpressions get circulated in 372 branches, agents and employees. Xpressions detain the attention with its lively design without being overwhelming with illustrations and contents. Employee- based internal publication articulate the vigor and dynamism in the heart of loyal hand. Xpressions aesthetically reproduce features supporting company morals and values focusing employee and customer welfare.