What is XPay?
It is a virtual pre-paid account in which customer can load money and make payments through the mobile or web.

Is there any Registration Charge or AMC for XPay Account?
Zero Charge for registration and no AMC.

Where can I use XPay?
XPay can be used for Instant Money Transfers, Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, Electricity Bill Payments, Gas Bill Payments, Merchant Payments and many more.

How secure is XPay?
Multiple layers of security is implemented to protect the XPAY account from any unauthorized access. Any unauthorized request is rejected at the outer most security layer itself and there is no possibility that an account can be hacked. All transactions are secured using MPIN which is only known to the user.

Can a user have multiple accounts in XPay?
Users can have only one account for a unique mobile number.

Do I require any specific type of mobile phone or application to use XPay?
No, any basic model which is GPRS compatible. XPay can be activated through an application download which takes hardly few seconds.

Is my XPay account safe in case my mobile device is lost?
In case your mobile device is lost, your XPay account is completely safe as the login password or MPIN is known only to the user. It would be more secure and advisable to call our support number (1800 3000 1555) and block your XPay account.

How can I register in XPay?
Valued Customer (Non KYC) – Registration process for Non KYC customer requires Mobile Number, Name, Date of Birth, and Postal Code.  Download XPay Cash Wallet from Play Store (Android) or App Store (Iphone) and install XPay Cash Wallet in your mobile device.

Privileged Customer (KYC) – Customers can register and upload Aadhaar ID or Voters ID (Front and Back side) through the XPay mobile App. Upon authorization from Customer Care, they can get registered as a KYC Customer. Online Aadhaar Verification is also provided in the mobile app and customers can get authenticated instantly.

Registration and KYC documentation facility are also available in 370 Branches of UAE Exchange, Authorised Agent Locations and our Website www.xpayindia.com.

What is MPIN?
MPIN is the Mobile PIN number which is a security key used at the time of doing transactions through the mobile device. An SMS with all these details will be sent to the customer upon successful registration.

How do I reset my MPIN?
MPIN can be reset by selecting the option "Change MPIN" from the XPay Cash wallet.

What should I do if forget my MPIN?
Provision is available in the XPay Cash Wallet where the user has to click the option “Resend MPIN” to get the details as an SMS on the mobile device.

How can I load/reload my XPay Wallet?
XPay wallet can be reloaded from the Mobile App using Payment Gateway. Modes such as Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, MMID, and UPI are available. Customer can also walk in to any of the branches or Agents outlets to reload their XPay account.

How can I check my XPAY balance?
In the Menu page of XPay Cash Wallet App, use the option "View Balance". Epassbook link is also available to check the transaction history, rate the service and providing feedback.

Is Money Transfer Service available to all customers?
No, only KYC authorized customers are allowed to use the money transfer service. Non-KYC customers can use all other service except money transfer.

How much amount can customers keep in their wallets?
KYC customers can keep up to Rs. 1 lakh in their wallet and Non-KYC customers can keep up to Rs. 10,000 in their wallet.

Can I instantly transfer funds to a new beneficiary?
An amount of Rs. 10,000 can be sent instantly and the balance amount can be sent after 30 minutes from beneficiary registration.

Will I be spammed by emails/messages?
No, we are extremely sensitive to your privacy needs and hence all our data is secure and is not shared with anybody.

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