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Customer Care Redressal Policy


The key to success for any organization is to not only to maintain the current customers but also to widen the base by reaching out to the potential customers and providing them flawless service. Hereby, we are committed to serve you to your satisfaction and make your experience of patronizing UAE Exchange & Financial Services Ltd. an enjoyable one.

Our organisation have well trained staff, to understand the customer at top priority & try to provide service exactly as per their needs.However, and in case of complaints, we provide a quick and effective reddressal.

Objective of the policy

The Customer Care Redressal Policy was formed with an aim to provide a quick redress to customer issues. In case of complaint, we have a smooth review mechanism to identify our shortcomings and overcome them quickly.

Principles of the Policy

We have drafted the Customer Care Redressal Policy keeping our customer’s needs in mind. The prescribed document is available at all branches and employees are aware about the same. It is based on the following principles

  • Fair treatment to customers
  • Customer complaints to be dealt with completely, courteously and on priority basis.
  • Complete information provided to the customers to escalate their complaints, to a higher hierachal authority
  • Employees work in good faith and in the interest of the customers.

Customer Awareness: – The Company shall display at conspicuous place in all branches, the name and contact details (Telephone/Mobile number and E mail id) of a Grievance Redressal Officer who can also be approached by the Customer for the resolution of any complaints against the Company. The Grievance Redressal Officer is Mr. M C Rajesh, Phone: 484 3048179; email:

Handling Customers Complaint

However, if you feel that our services need improvement and wish to lodge your suggestions/feedback,we welcome your valuable suggestions and feedbacks.

In case of any complaint / grievance about our service or products, you are requested to obtain the feedback form from the branch & submit the same to the Branch Head in writing. Your queries / suggestions / feedbacks / complaints / grievances may also be brought to our notice via letter/email to the branch address/email id, which shall be displayed at the branch. In case, if the Branch Head is unable to redresss your grievance, then he shall escalate the same to his Regional Head, who in turn shall hear your grievance & take appropriate steps to redress your greivance.

If you are not satisfied with the redressal machanism provided from the concerned branch, you are free to contactour Customer Care through email / telecall / livechat / website & submit your grievances/complaints. The Customer Care Executive will escalate your query to the concerned Regional Head’s. In case of non-redressal from the above forums, you may also directly write to the Managing Director, UAE Exchange.

However, we assure you that, your grivances/complaints will be redressed within 24 hours at the initial forum itself, without burdening you to approach higher forums.

Types of Complaints:
1. Fund not credited to beneficiary account
2. Time out issues
3. Wrong transfer/Double entry issues
Incase of cash wallet we are getting complaints like:-
1. Amount not reloaded to wallet
2. Wallet to wallet fund not transferred

Interaction with Customers

We realize that the customers expectations or complaints can be better appreciated through personal interaction withthe company’s staff. Structured customer meets are held at all branches and their feedback/ suggestion for improvementof service are received warmly. The feedback thus received is used as a valuable input for revising product and services to meet future customer requirements.

Our Customer Care helpdesk number, Website address and email ID etc are displayed at the branches and are also available on the UAE Exchange website.

Concerned Officers: –
Concerned authority of handling customer are CUSTOMER CARE TEAM
Contact details – 1800 3000 1555
Maild –

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