Travel abroad with smart multicurrencyTravel Card from UAE Exchange India

Even in a digital era, many travellers prefer to rely on foreign currency without awareness of the unexpected situations which might arise for them while in the foreign land. They may need extra money for immediate requirements that could be met easily through simple methods.

As an extensive traveller I have seen people struggling for foreign currency while they are abroad. We often change our sightseeing or shopping plans while on overseas travel, raising our expenses to more than what planned.

An advisable way of carrying currency while going abroad is take multicurrency travel card, avoiding the hassle of currency exchange from unauthorised venues.Another main advantage of travel card is that it can be loaded while you are abroad by your kit or kin in India.

Physical currency conversion could become real menace during multiple country travel which could be avoided by carrying multi currency card. We have to find out foreign currency exchange companies and then compare the rates and much more.


Shopping at stores with POS Machine

Online purchase at ease

Withdrawing cash at ATMs

Automatic currency conversion as and when used for withdrawal or purchase.

Loadable with 16 currencies to use at your convenience


You can buy, load and reload at any UAE Exchange branches across India

Embedded microchip giving highest level of security

Enhanced ATM withdrawal limit for each currency

Secured through 4 digit PIN to authorize transaction

Maximum loading limit is USD 250,000/-

You can encash at current market rates

Personalized multicurrency prepaid card valid for 5 years

24*7 call centre services available.

We always seek to add smart conveniences to the lives of our customers through consistent innovations and improvements.

V George Antony

Managing Director

UAE Exchange India