Tips for hassle-free international travel

International travel can be scheduled with proper planning supported by an accredited IATA travel agents and recognised tours organisation. Travel is full of major decisions — like which country to visit, how much to spend, when and where to stop, and finally make that all-important airfare purchase.

A travel and tour operator can provide a list of necessities which includes tickets, visa, travel insurance, foreign currency, multi-currency card and such others to enable smoother planning for a fruitful voyage at its best.

1.Passport validity

Before planning for an international trip, firstly we should check the validity of Passport. We cannot apply for Visa Issuance if the validity is over.

2.Baggage Parameters

Know your baggage restrictions well before your travel and strictly follow the parameters as each airline will hold diverse limits depending on various factors. It will change according to the airline. Also use an exclusive sticker, ribbon or whatever on the baggage to identify them at your destination.

3.Arrival at the Airport.

Arrive few hours before your flight is scheduled to depart, ie before three hours for International Sectors and before two hours for Domestic and allow sufficient time for check-in and security clearance. Passengers can also do web check-in for selected airlines.

4.At the Airport

Only passengers with a Passport and Boarding Pass can proceed through Security to the gate. Belt buckles, boots or jewellery may be removed before passing through security. As a passenger you can consider removing them in advance and take your carry-on luggage. Get a claim check for all your baggage and do not throw them away till all your baggage is returned.


A copy of the ticket should be ready with the passenger before arrival at the airport. If you have an e-ticket, get the printout in advance. We can also show the PNR in the check-in counter if you do not have ticket copy.

6.What to pack and what not to.

Pack your essentials, especially medicines and such others, into your carry-on luggage enabling basic necessities, in case of baggage delay or loss. Don’t keep any valuables such as cash, gold, diamond etc. inside the bag. Check online for packing tips, to avoid trouble. Always take a SIM card from India or from the Airport counter while landing a particular country.


Carry the address and details of your place of stay. If it is a hotel, confirm your stay and pick up and drop in at the airport.