Mr. R. Sudhakar

National Head & VP - Wholesale

Hailing from Chennai, the biggest industrial and commercial centre of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Sudhakar’s early career budded and flourished in the Pharma sector. Eleven years of  Managerial experience in India Pharma Industry and subsequent two years experience in Middle East, evolved his business skills and acumen which later moulded the astute marketer in him.

In 2001, he joined UAE Exchange Family as Business Head of Chennai Branch. His vision and worth along with significant contributions during the past 14 years, paved the purple carpet for his succeeding career.

From Branch Business Head to Leading Sales Team at HO and later heading the Money Transfer & Agency Business, followed by Vice President – Business Development, clearly outlines his nature of dedication, hard work, prudence, adaptability and positivity.

At his present capacity as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), Mr. R Sudhakar is leading a strategic position in developing brand strategy, Market Research and Analytics. He has been instrumental in leveraging the full potential of existing resources of the company and has a vision to be a part of UAE Exchange Family’s journey towards India’s leading financial super power. 

Professional Dream:

To elevate UAE Exchange as a household brand in Financial, Travel and Service sector in India.

Personal Life and his likes:

During his corporate life he happened to visit various countries, which created a passion for travel in him and now his friend’s acknowledge him as an “Avid Traveler”. His journey and interaction with various cultures has moulded his global thinking and multilingual abilities. He is well versed in Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, English and Malayalam. His thrive to adapt to latest fashion trends, technology & social media engagement has always made him popular among his friends & alike. 

A state level basket ball player, athlete and fitness freak, his friends and family recollects his achievements and accolades during his college days. Having a doted family of wife and two kids, he loves to spend most of his leisure time with them engaging in weekend holidays, movies, dinner and long drives. A philotherian and nature lover, he holds strong opinion in environmental and social issues.