Spice Jet Offer Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

  • The Spicy Hot Jackpot Promotion by SpiceJet Limited is applicable on all bookings made and travelled upon on a SpiceJet flight, along with the pre-booked purchase of a Spice Add-On, between the dates: October 25, 2016 and December 15, 2016, both dates inclusive. Eligible Spice Add-On(s) are as below (to be booked by the Participant before obtaining boarding pass):
    1. Pre-booked SpiceMax
    2. Pre-booked Preferred seats
    3. Pre-booked SpiceLounge
    4. Pre-booked Meals
    5. Pre-booked excess baggage
    6. Pre-booked Priority Check-in
    7. Pre-booked Bag Out First
    8. Pre-booked MyFlexiPlan
    9. Pre-booked Fly For Sure
    10. Pre-booked Carry More Onboard
  • Spice Add-On(s) can be booked through Manage My Booking or Web Check-in sections available at www.spicejet.com.
  • Any Indian citizen with minimum eighteen (18) years of age, who makes a booking and completes the travels under such booking, within the Promotion Period, is eligible for the Promotion. Any bookings made under any sale/ promotional fare category etc. are not be eligible for participation.
  • The person whose details (name, phone number and e-mail ID) shall be provided at the time of booking shall be declared as the winner. However, such a person necessarily needs to be one of the passengers booked and travelled under the winning booking. The Winner shall also be contacted on the same phone number/ e-mail ID only.
  • There are no additional charges to participate in the Promotion.
  • Winners shall be decided by computerized lucky draw.
  • Each weekly Winner shall be awarded with one Prize in a week. The Winners shall be awarded with the following prizes, and as per the below details:
  • Date of AnnouncementPrize TypeNo. of WinnersPrize
    November 21, 2016Daily22501. SpiceClub’S membership with benefits of INR 3,000/- X 50 each day for the complete duration of the Promotion Period
    November 01, 2016Weekly Prize07
    • Royal Enfield 350cc Bikes x 01 each week;
    • Premium Smartphones x 01 each week;
    • Panasonic LED Televisions x 01 each week;
    • Exotic Vacations x 01 each week;
    • Premium Watches x 01 each week
    • Kindle Paperwhite x 01 each week
    • Panasonic 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Speaker Systems x 01 each week
    November 08, 2016Weekly Prize07
    November 15, 2016Weekly Prize07
    November 22, 2016Weekly Prize07
    November 29, 2016Weekly Prize07
    December 06, 2016Weekly Prize07
    December 16, 2016Weekly Prize07
    December 16, 2016Bumper Prize01Mercedes-Benz C-Class x 01
  • A person may participate for as many times in the Promotion as s/he desires to. One eligible booking and traveling there under shall be counted as one (01) entry. Each Participant may win only one (01) Weekly Prize under one (01) winning booking. A Participant who has already won a Weekly Prize shall also be eligible to win the Bumper Prize, either under the same winning booking or any other booking which has been made and travelled upon in the Promotion Period.
  • The name of the Winners (along with their masked contact details) will be declared in the official social media channels and the official website of SpiceJet – www.spicejet.com, on a weekly basis, and such Winners will also be communicated by e-mail Over the same e-mail address which was used at the time of making the booking. In the event, the Winner fails to acknowledge to SpiceJet its conformance of the same along with the required documentation within seven (07) days from the date of such announcement/ communication, the Winner’s right to the Prize shall automatically stand forfeited and a new Winner shall be chosen for that week/ month, as applicable.
  • The Winners have to collect the Prizes from the SpiceJet-designated location which shall be communicated later to the Winner. All expenses incurred in respect of proper receipt the Prize (including travelling and lodging, if any), shall have to borne solely by the Winner, and SpiceJet shall not be responsible for the same in any manner. The Prize(s) shall only be awarded to the Winners after the payment of due taxes and/ or any other relevant charges as mentioned hereinbefore.
  • The Winner announced shall have to satisfactorily provide the following documentation, before the award of Prize:
  • Government-issued proof of identification, age and address; and
  • Ownership or being authorised beneficiary of the mobile number and e-mail address used while making the booking
  • By way of entering into the Promotion it is deemed that the Participant has consented of their details provided being shared with third parties, including organiser(s)/ promoter(s)/ sponsor(s) etc. of the Promotion, and that the Participants being contacted by such third parties shall not violate their subscription to any Do Not Disturb (DND) registries over any mode of communication.
  • The Winner shall have to bear all relevant taxes and/ or insurance/ registration/ statutory charges etc., as applicable in respect of their winning the respective Prize, after payment of which such tax(es) only the Prize shall be awarded to him/ her.
  • Company, in advance, disclaims all warranty and/ or merchantability related claims in respect of the product received by the winner as Prize. Warranties, if and as applicable, shall be directly provided by the respective manufacturers, and the Company, shall in no manner, be responsible in respect thereof.
  • The Prize(s) shall be provided to the Winner on as-is basis and no requests in terms of exchange of any of the Prize(s) and/ or cash in lieu thereof shall be entertained.
  • Company’s decision in reference to all matters related to the Promotion shall be final and binding in all respect, and no correspondence, at all, in this respect, shall be entertained in any manner.
  • By way of making a booking during the Promotion Period, it is deemed that the Participant has agreed to the Promotion’s Terms and Conditions and SpiceJet’s Terms of Carriage.
  • In the event of any dispute in reference to the subject matter hereof which requires adjudication by a court of law, all relevant parties subject themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts situated at New Delhi.