Share trading and market movements

‘Trade’ is a deal between two individuals or groups and ‘Share Trading’ is a similar transaction. Shares are small parts of a company which can be purchased by anyone who is interested to invest money. On purchasing a share in a company the investor owns a part of the company. The price of a share depends on various criteria. The main factor is the balance between supply and demand. When the demand is high the price goes up and when demand is less the price goes down.

In this context it is exciting to learn what is a ‘bull market and a bear market ‘which is also known as ‘Bullish Trade and Bearish Trade’. The terms look frightening but in essence it is very simple. It would be interesting to study the main characteristics in comparison with one another.


Sparkling time for a seller

  • Rise of the NASDAQ (an American stock exchange which is the 2nd largest in the world) is a typical example for Bullish market.

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