A must have information about UAE Exchange India travel card. Cash is the prime factor that facilitates your entire schedule, when you are planning for an overseas trip. As travellers are always under the threat of pick-pockets or sneak-thieves, the probability of losing money is at its peak. Very often we hear the story of being robbed and nowadays majority of the travellers are seeking for a better alternative to prevent the vulnerability of risk associated with the chance of losing money. Therefore it is not advisable to carry money in hand, instead of that ,select the most secured and reliable manner to make all payments at ease at the foreign lands-prepaid cards.

Travel card is considered to be one of the highly recommended and widely used means of carrying money overseas and for doing transactions. It is a prepaid foreign currency card that makes or promotes hassle-free foreign trips. It can be used as a smart alternative to cash which offers maximum security and safety for the travellers, withdraw the money from a nearby ATM as cash. Travel card with its fully equipped competencies act as a travel mate that facilitates world-wide acceptance and unmatched flexibility managing cash anywhere or at any time totally at the discretion of the user. Travel card assist in the smooth implementation of a bunch of activities including painless purchase, easy cash withdrawals, prominent reloading facilities, trouble-free payments, etc. at the earliest in a most user friendly manner. Make your abroad shopping, restaurants dine etc. with exclusive experience through your special travel partner, the multi currency travel card wherever you go.

Why you need UAE Exchange Travel Cards?

  • Enables the users to travel all across the world with our foreign money card.
  • Guaranteed convenience at its maximum.
  • Worldwide acceptance in Merchant locations and ATM’s.
  • Highest level of security with embedded Micro chip.
  • Multi currency acceptance.
  • Facility to lock exchange rates.
  • Enables loading of 16 currencies.
  • Popular currencies like US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Euro, UAE Dirham, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollar, Thai Baht, Swedish Kroner, Singapore Dollar, Japanese Yen, South African Rand, British Pound, Saudi Riyal and Danish Kroner can be loaded into the card.

 How can a Travel card benefits you?

Common awareness about travel card-the latest technologies is always essential to live in this competitive world. Nowadays frequent cross border travels are becoming a common site, thereby increasing the demand for foreign currency exchange. Earlier, Travellers cheque was the only way to carry currency overseas apart from physical currency for transactions, which has been replaced by prepaid cards which provider much better service than the latter.Even traveller cheque has got certain limitations while you travel abroad. If you are a frequent traveller and prefer to carry currency all the time, you may end up in great loss due to the high exchange rate. While considering all these factors, travel cards are the safest mode in your foreign travels. Multicurrency travel card makes you travel around the globe much easier and comfortable.

Around 27 million merchant outlets across 200 countries accept the Prepaid travel card and allow access for withdrawals through ATMs. The unique feature of exchange rate lock facility along with reloading facility gives more convenience and security to the customers. You will be free from carrying physical money that can be subjected to theft or lost. Exchange rate lock facility offers a protection from exchange rate fluctuations. If you are planning to visit more countries, carrying physical cash may not be safe as it may lead to double conversions levying greater loss for the customers. Since multi currency travel card offers exchange of 16 major currencies, customers can travel securely without the anxiety of finding an authenticated currency exchanger and getting exchanged into the desired currency.Popular currencies that could be loaded in multi currency card are US Dollar, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, New Zealand Dollar, Euro, UAE Dirham, Saudi Riyal, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Thai Baht, Japanese Yen, South African Rand, Swedish Kroner and Danish Kroner. ‘Multi currency’ loading facility is the greatest advantage of the travel card that facilitates your foreign journey.

Working of a Travel Card?

Customers can purchase the “prepaid travel card” and load 16 varied currencies supporting your foreign travel with desired amount. It is often advisable to determine the budget for the travel and then load the stipulated amount in the home country itself through personal visit to the branch or through online net banking. Just like any other debit or credit card, international travel card also works on a pin which can be changed as per customer preference.Initial withdrawal is best to be done after thorough study of the procedures and the correct options to be selected. Conversion charges only arise if customer uses the card to withdraw currencies other than the 16 supported currencies. E.g. Customer loads USD and uses the card in Malaysia, there will conversion charges, as the local currency is Malaysian Ringgit thereby distorting the whole budget.When you make any purchase, travel card will automatically use the loaded currency of the respective foreign country to pay the amount.

UAE Exchange India being listed among the category of world’s best foreign exchange authorised dealers for the past two decades, provides optimised services to reduce the complexity in carrying liquid money while doing foreign purchases. UAE Exchange internation prepaid Card is a Travel Card, with multi currency loading facility. The card can be easily used at ATMs/POS and for online purchase for withdrawal at various locations around the globe. Travel Card acts as a safety machine and customers can be free from the fear of carrying cash.

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