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Customer Review

I had a good experience when I approached them for Forex. Gave me best exchange rate, very close to Interbank forex rate. Also for TT, they gave good service. I would recommend them for forex and TT.

Arun Murthy

I have booked them when we were going to mahabaleshwar must say the service was very nice..the arrangement done by him was very nice..as we got decent seat as well nice hotel to stay..the trip was memorable..and price charged was also less compare to other travel


As per my friends reference I visited this foreign exchange service to convert Indian rupee to Reyal. I am happy with this business as they converted as per market value.


Most of my friends send me money from abroad through western union, but once one friend send me money through UAE money exchange. And when I received the money, I found that there charges are very less than western union.

Souvagya Kummardas

Send Money Abroad-Customer Experience


Best Way to Send Money to UAE from India

Demand for Money transfer to UAE from India has exploded in the past few years due to ‘n’ number of causes. The latest statics on remittance business shows a tremendous rise in outward remittance. Indians are sending billions of amounts to foreign land for their families, friends, or other close acquaintances which resulted a paradigm rise in the remittance business in India.

Steps for send money from India to UAE bank account,

  • Step 1: Choose your trustworthy partner for money transfer to UAE from India
  • Step 2: Pick the recipient and make certain to provide precise details about the receiver along with the country and the right location. There should not be any error in the cited forename of the beneficiary.
  • Step 3: Select the amount you need to send to the account
  • Step 4: Decide on the method for transmitting the amount
  • Step 5: Make sure done to provide the receivers exact particulars along with a right address proof.

Steps to be followed while sending money directly to a person,             

  • Step 1: Choose your consistent partner for making money transfer from India to UAE
  • Step 2: Select the recipient and make available the detailed facts about the receiver along with the country and the accurate location. There should not be any mistake in the cited Name of the recipient.
  • Step 3: Decide the amount you need to send to your loved ones in foreign countries
  • Step 4: Pick the mode to pay the amount
  • Step 5: Address proof of the Receiver
  • Step 6: Send your amount steadily

Do you prefer going overseas for doing higher studies? Do you want to brag about your Graduation from UAE, Undoubtedly most of us really wish to do so.  Flying out to the most beautiful land of UAE, has turn out to be a dream for most of us. The fantasy world of UAE with all its flourishing beauty creates temptation for Indians to have a visit to this dazzling city of ecstasy at least once in your lifetime.

Number of Indian students flying out to UAE for doing their higher education has tremendously increased to a greater scale. Students are showing huge interest to go abroad as they believe it can mold a podium for building a better career. In earlier days, sending children overseas for education was considered to be a massive expenditure for the parents. But today investment in education is treated worthy, as it results better return in the future than anything else. Apart from this every year large number of Indians are migrating overseas for various jobs thereby generating a need for Send Money from India to UAE

Is this your first time traveling abroad?  Don’t be nervous. Here are few tips for you to keep in mind while making your arrangements at UAE

  • Learn about the moral code of conduct at UAE which is given strict adherence
  • Don’t drunk in public, which is considered to be illegal.
  • Respect opposite gender and don’t get too friendly in front of public
  • Be modest in your dress code
  • Keep copies of your identity proofs or passport for identification
  • Better to take health insurance or mediclaim to avoid the risk of unexpected illness or accidents
  • Advisable to carry travel card to make smooth transactions
  • Planning to go sightseeing, advisable to visit mall to avoid scorching heat of the day or move out at night.

Money Transfer from India to UAE, is it indispensable?

 Not one but many reasons which make you search for a trusted agent or dealer for transferring money abroad.
  •   Meeting expenses on education

Consistent growth is reflected in the analysis report of the number of Indian students flying UAE for certain professional courses, ultimately shows an urge in the demand for sending money abroad. Adequate funds are required for meeting their various requirements like payment of course fees, tuition fees, purchasing books, other related education instruments, and much more. Parents have to transfer money for their children, in order to pay all the essential necessities being generated during the tenure of their stay and study.

  •  Cost incurred on traveling, food and accommodation

 Indians boarding overseas has to meet various expenses like transportation, cost generated on food, accommodation etc.  Henceforth it has always created a need for send money to UAE to meet all such requirements.

  • Threat of unexpected accidents or illness

Medical expenses of UAE seem to be very high. Chance of getting sickness or accidents may affect the entire financial planning made which leads to huge burden on their lives. This creates a need for a pre-planned insurance or ultimate reliance to send money abroad.

Any risk involved in Outward Remittance from India to UAE?

How to protect yourself from the threats of international money transfer? Did you send money to friends, family or any of your relatives abroad or are you planning to Send Money from India to UAE?

Whether it is small or huge amount, sending money to overseas is considered to be a riskier affair as it involves a greater threat to lose money while making the transfer. Moving a large sum of money from India can be a real anxiety for you, as it’s the hard earned monies being sent to the loved ones for buying bare necessities or to settle debt in the foreign land. Beware of unauthorised agents or dealers who may claim low charge as their commission or minimum procedures for sending money abroad with much faster pace. They may put you to risk of huge money loss or fear of theft as it is not authorised one. Henceforth it is always advisable to be very vigilant while wire transfer from India to UAE and to rely on only the authenticated authorised dealers as listed by the regulatory bodies.


What are the 4 essentials that have to be kept in mind while money transfer to UAE

Whatever the requirements are before transferring money abroad, you need to be very careful and explore the better modes to send money overseas. Few tips to be kept in mind while transferring money abroad
  •  Affordability
Before engaging in outward remittance transactions, you need to think about the cost involved in it and to check whether it is affordable for you.
  • How much total sum of foreign currency is permissible for you to convert from your home currency for sending abroad?
  • Do the recipients need to pay any additional charges for receiving the money?
  • What are prevailing foreign exchange rates?
  • Safety and security

Don’t compromise with safety or security while sending money abroad. Ensure that, your recipient as well as the money that you are sending abroad is in perfect compliance with the current regulations of the country. Certain dealers may claim low commission or meager processing charges for send money abroad but that is often risky and not at all reliable. Henceforth it is always advisable to get yourself involved in healthy dealing with most trusted dealers in the foreign market.

  • Reliability

Try to get the support of a money transfer service provider who is ready to handle your queries and complaints at any time you needs. Your service provider is the one you can trust or reach for the best deal with the confidence that your money transfer from India will get there safely on time.

  • Knowledge and common sense

Various vital information about how much money an Indian citizen is allowed to send abroad, modes for sending money overseas and its procedures that are associated with it, are to be kept in mind before planning for an overseas transfer of funds.

Cost or additional charges imposed by certain agencies for sending money from one country to another can also be avoided to a greater extent by attaining adequate information that showcased by trusted agencies or authorised service providers.

 Whom should you rely for sending money to UAE?

One of the commonly seen challenges that you may face while transferring money to a foreign land is the concern for its safety or necessity of a budgeted dealer who can make your money transfer hassle free. Finding a trustworthy dealer who takes care of your requirements in sending money overseas saves you from the threat of uncertainty or loss of money by charging unnecessary charges as commission.  This creates a requisite for a recognised dealer who acts as a guide, consultant and provider for hassle free transfer of money abroad.

 Wire Transfer to UAE Via UAE Exchange India

 UAE Exchange India being an expert dealer in outward remittance from India and many other related services, is having two decades of triumphant experience in the field of foreign exchange. By ensuring constant and most convenient support for all the foreign transfer allied activities, we have gained endless confidence and trust of our customers all across the country. We offer wide range of services available at any time as per the requirement of the customers, anywhere in the world.

Widely being accepted as a renowned financial hub, the company gives foremost preference to quality services for its stakeholders. We uphold a legacy of un-compromised quality assurance with numerous benefits, making us the most favoured service provider who deals with hassle-free 24*7 services.


Do you want to know about our extended areas of operations in Money transfer to UAE?

  • Option for sending money abroad directly to foreign accounts
  • Regular market analysis to provide optimised currency exchange services
  • Commendable exchange rates
  • Online booking facility with rate locking preferences
  • Easiest and most safest way of currency exchange
  • Easy availability of hassle free services
  • Electronic method with speed and security

Get your service from the most favourite foreign money transferer?

 Your trusted sending money abroad dealers of UAE Exchange India are always keen to provide excellent currency exchange service in and across the country. We are providing most ample currency exchange service especially for students studying abroad, travellers, businessmen, professionals, migrants, etc. at most competitive rates with more than 370 counters across the nations.

For any of your queries related to Send Money to UAE or any to any other countries, we are here to serve you instantly. Feel free to connect with us on 1800 3000 1555/visit-www.uaeexchangeindia.com  

For availing more services please contact us through our WhatsApp Number: +91 99460 86666

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