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Customer Review

I had a good experience when I approached them for Forex. Gave me best exchange rate, very close to Interbank forex rate. Also for TT, they gave good service. I would recommend them for forex and TT.

Arun Murthy

I have booked them when we were going to mahabaleshwar must say the service was very nice..the arrangement done by him was very nice..as we got decent seat as well nice hotel to stay..the trip was memorable..and price charged was also less compare to other travel


As per my friends reference I visited this foreign exchange service to convert Indian rupee to Reyal. I am happy with this business as they converted as per market value.


Most of my friends send me money from abroad through western union, but once one friend send me money through UAE money exchange. And when I received the money, I found that there charges are very less than western union.

Souvagya Kummardas

Send Money Abroad-Customer Experience


How to Send Money to Germany from India?

Demand for Money transfer to Germany from India has exploded in the past few years due to ‘n’ number of causes. The latest statics on remittance business shows a tremendous rise in outward remittance. Indians are sending billions of amounts to foreign land for their families, friends, or other close acquaintances which resulted a paradigm rise in the remittance business in India.

Steps for send money from India to Germany bank account,

  • Step 1: Choose your trustworthy partner for money transfer to Germany from India
  • Step 2: Pick the recipient and make certain to provide precise details about the receiver along with the country and the right location. There should not be any error in the cited forename of the beneficiary.
  • Step 3: Select the amount you need to send to the account
  • Step 4: Decide on the method for transmitting the amount
  • Step 5: Make sure done to provide the receivers exact particulars along with a right address proof.

Steps to be followed while sending money directly to a person,             

  • Step 1: Choose your consistent partner for making money transfer from India to Germany
  • Step 2: Select the recipient and make available the detailed facts about the receiver along with the country and the accurate location. There should not be any mistake in the cited Name of the recipient.
  • Step 3: Decide the amount you need to send to your loved ones in foreign countries
  • Step 4: Pick the mode to pay the amount
  • Step 5: Address proof of the Receiver
  • Step 6: Send your amount steadily

Know before you go

So many of us loves travelling. Traveling helps to makes ourselves, to take a break from the grip of monotonous busy schedules thereby bringing more calmness to our life.

We are living in a world filled with lots of opportunities and mysteries to explore.  Ever since the advent of automobiles, travelling has been much easier, and today the number of people going for leisure trips are increasing tremendously to a greater scale than before. Every travel experience is a call for you to come out from the dull zones of your home and endeavour the beauty of lives in different spots of the world.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”

Time for something new; Make it in Germany

No matter what your requirements are, either to have a leisure trip, get graduated from renowned universities, or looking for a job, the land of Germany is the best place to go.Being located in the central Europe, it has turned to be a frequently visited hub by the tourists all across the globe. Apart from it, greater number of Indian students are flying to Germany for acquiring higher educations as it is renowned for top universities. Every year, the necessity to send money to Germany has grown tremendously due to the fast rising demand of Indians.This has resulted to an in-depth search for best way to send money to Germany.

 Are you making your first visit to Germany? Then, here are 3 things every expat should be aware about life in Germany
  • Residents have to legally remove any snow or ice in front of their properties.You will be legally liable for any harms occurring as a result of your neglect in doing the same.
  • You are required to register the details of your address with the nearby local police within seven days of moving into any apartments.
  • It is commonly seen 1 pm to 3 pm, again from 10 pm to 6 am, and all Sundays are considered to be quiet hours in Germany.

Reasons for Money Transfer to Germany from India

Reason for seeking best way to send money to Germany many vary based on the requirements or needs.  Flying out to the most striking land of Germany has turned out to be a dream for us. With all its thriving beauty and mind blowing attractions, it tempts us to have a visit or stay in this alluring land of ecstasy at least for ones.

In order to meet the necessities that are arising during the travel or stay in Germany, it is needed to send money to Germany for satisfying all the associated requirements like shopping, food and accommodation expenses and many more.
  • Large number of Indians prefers to get graduated in some professional courses from the renowned German universities. Contemporary Indian parents as well as the students have often believed that studying abroad can help them to mold a podium for building a better career in future. As a new trend has generated in the field of providing better quality education, it is considered much worthier than investing in anything else. This results or shows a greater increase in the number of students from India migrating to Germany for getting graduated on top universities. This leads to a demand for send money to Germany for meeting all the related expenses that might arise during their stay in this land for pursuing their studies.
  • Apart from all these, every year huge number of Indians are moving to Germany in search for various jobs which also generates a need for send money to Germany for fulfilling their requirements arising during their stay in the foreign land.
  • Sometimes, the chance of getting sick or prone to certain unexpected accidents may also create a need for a pre-planned insurance or ultimate reliance to send money abroad.
  • Every year a large sum of money is sent to various outside countries for meeting the cost incurred in film or documentary shootings, and all related expenses.

No matter how large or small the amount of money you send, it can be a real anxiety for you as it’s a hard earned monies being sent to your loved ones for satisfying their various needs in the foreign land.

So, always be vigilant while choosing the best ways to send money to Germany for meeting the requirements with much alertness.

Are you aware about the threat involved in send money abroad?

Ensure yourselves for the full protection against any sort of risk involved in international money transfer.

 Tips for Wire Transfer Money to Germany

  1. Check lower cost locations
  2. Avoid sending money too often
  3. Look for special deals
  4. Get the service of authorised dealers
  5. Be aware of exchange rates
  6. Ensure safety and security
  7. Be conscious about rate fluctuations

Are you still confused to seek the service of an authorised dealer?

Here, the next big question is all about ‘reliability’

Getting the aid of a trustworthy financial dealer who can meet your needs in sending money abroad can ensure safety or protection from the threat of losing money. All your concern is, to have a hassle free money transfer. Always be alert about the credibility or reliability of the dealer or agent whom you can depend upon.

No matter where you are, authorised dealers who are well versed in dealing with your queries and misconceptions related to send money to Germany thereby ensures hassle free money transfer.

What defines the extent to gratify your experience in sending money to Germany?

Depending upon your urgency for money transfer various determinants are set for a most gratifying experience in send money to Germany.

  • Speed: No fraudulent transfers with enhanced security in better speed.
  • Networks: Easy accessibility for the customers all across the globe
  • Rates: Attractive competitive pricing with highly transparent rates
  • Compliance: Amenability to ensure protection to the money

Still looking for an authorised dealer to send money abroad?

UAE Exchange India being a proficient dealer in foreign exchange and many other versatile financial services, for the past two decades has given the company a triumphant experience in the field of foreign exchange. By ensuring consistent and most hassle free support for all the money transfer and allied activities, we have gained endless confidence and trust of our customers across the nation. We cater wide range of services accessible at any time as per the requisite of the customers, anywhere in the globe.

As the most renowned and most favored financial hub, the company gives foremost priority to quality of services being catered to its stakeholders. We uphold a legacy of quintessential quality that has created a niche of itself in the industry with numerous benefits, making it the most favored service providers who give perfect and proficient services round the clock.

Get to know about our expertise in service for  Remittance to Germany?

  • Choice for sending money abroad right to foreign accounts
  • Steady market analysis to ensure customized currency exchange services
  • Really commendable exchange rates best in the industry.
  • Online booking services with rate locking facility
  • Simplest and most secured form of currency exchange services
  • Easy accessibility of hassle free amenities
  • Electronic modes with added pace, safety and security

Avail our service from more than 370 counters across the nation

Your most reliable sending money abroad dealers of UAE Exchange India is constantly keen to deliver exceptional and most sufficing currency exchange services in and across the nation especially for students studying abroad, tourists, entrepreneurs, professionals, emigrants, etc. at most competitive rates with more than 370 counters across the nations.The company stand ahead with numerous financial solutions like Foreign Exchange, Money Transfer, Air Ticketing & Tours, Loans, XPay Cash Wallet, Insurance and Share Trading, thereby pursue your consent to these percolate valuable services to all citizens for a better and smarter future. . Being a renowned financial institution, by taking a step forward to make this young generation the smarter charms of future.

UAE Exchange, the customer friendly money transfercenter assists your currency conversion for best rates by extending strong support to the travelers all across the globe with a much faster pace. With a prominent financial institution, UAE Exchange offers travel and ticketing, Insurance and loan support for foreign travel or to send money abroad with most hassle-free services.

An additional domain of UAE Exchange India ‘s Foreign Currency Demand Draft supports the     customers for fund transfer from India to Germany, assuring them to deposit FCDD at banks abroad specially for educational purposes, visa fees, immigration, employment, etc.

As a well-known financial institution, seek to serve you with multi-financial services that could assist you as per your special requirement, even while fulfilling your scheduled commitments.

For any of your queries related to send money to Germany or to any other countries, we are here to serve you instantly.

Connect us on 1800 3000 1555/ visit- www.uaeexchangeindia.com whatsApp us @ +91 99460 86666 anytime anywhere.

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