In this regard, I/we express our consent to the terms & conditions as below:

  • This arrangement shall be valid for an initial term of one year from date of submission of this application and shall remain automatically renewed until terminated by serving one month’s prior written notice to the other. The Company reserves the right to immediately terminate this arrangement, with or without furnishing any reason.
  • I/We agree to display such display materials provided by Company at prominent places of our location if required. I/We understand that the logos, names and all other intellectual property of the Company and XPAY are under the sole ownership of the Company and the same shall not be used by me/us in any form, other than those expresslyshared by the Company for display purpose and will immediately bring to the notice of the Company, all matters regarding infringement and/or misuse of the same, within my knowledge & information.
  • Upon termination, I/we shall forthwith remove all displays of the Company & cease to project ourselves as merchant agent of the Company.
  • I/We shall not assign the said arrangement to any other third party without your express consent & approval.
  • I/We agree to receive the credit of the thus confirmed transaction amount to my above said Bank Account as per the reimbursement schedule of UAE Exchange as listed in your website In the event of any non receipt of the said amount, the same will be immediately brought to your attention in writing for rectification. The decision of the Company will be final & binding.
  • I/We understand that the Company’s obligation limits to collection of Payments and transferring the same to my/our account after deducting agreed Commission on the next working day.
  • I/We shall fully indemnify the Company against any losses, expense, damages, costs and claims suffered by or made against theCompany by any customer/any third party on account of any breach, or misuse of my secured login or password due to my negligence/act/omissions or of my assigns (if any).
  • I/We agree that the Company shall own all intellectual property rights in regard to the said “XPAY”.
  • I/We shall not raise any claim against the company for any unforeseen/unanticipated events/situations including any technical/connectivity error of the system/serve, which is beyond the control of the Company while using XPAY.
  • I/We hereby voluntarily consent that in case of any dispute/ controversy arising out or in connection with this agreement shall be referred to an arbitrator appointed by the Company & will be subjected to the jurisdiction of courts at Kochi.
  • I/We will keep ourselves updated with the instruction hosted in your website “” for any clarification/information, if any.