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Most unpredictable part of our routine life is health. It could give sudden shock that could blow away all the budgets of the month and future, hence it’s often advisable to insure your health with the most reliable insurance service provider. Best health insurance providers understands the escalating cost of medical bills which could hardly be met without a comprehensive health insurance. Get a health insurance policy with a periodical investment and a secured future.

UAE Exchange India in liaison with Star Health and Allied Insurance Company caters the best insurance scheme available in the industry.

Types of medical insurance

Family health insuranceThe ever-rising medical inflation in India makes it necessary to get coverage of comprehensive health insurance for the entire family so as to ensure a secured future. A family health insurance policy covers all the members against various diseases and illnesses.
Senior citizen health insuranceSometimes unexpected medical expense causes a strain on the financial well-being for the Senior-Citizens, as their source of income is limited. Health insurance plan for senior citizen curtails the need for critical illness coverage at the time of emergencies thus saving significant sum of money. The rising cost of medical expenditure makes it crucial for the senior citizen to own a health insurance policy as it proves to be a boon to meet their medical treatments.
Individual health insuranceAn individual health insurance policy enables one to get insured against death, accidents, permanent disabilities or temporary total disablement, etc. It provides risk coverage for individual persons against expenditure caused by any unforeseen medical emergencies. Individual health insurance coverage aids one to access the best healthcare without fearing the financial strain. Features Coverage for entire family under a single sum insured option for any person residing in India aged between 18 to 65 years Child from 16th day of birth, can be get covered as part of the family insurance Exclusive Health Policy for senior citizen between 60 to 75 years of age Cashless hospitalization benefits including room rent and treatment costs Pre-existing Diseases/Illness Coverage available after continuous insurance of 48 months without a break.

Get ready to beat critical illness

Insure yourself with Reliance Critical illness and get adequate medical benefits upto 5,00,000 for 10 major illness or surgical procedures.

Reliance Critical Illness policy Highlights

  • Coverage for 10 Critical Illnesses
  • Lump sum payment enables to plan the treatment accordingly.
  • No Medical Test
  • Policy can be issued to insured between the age of 18 yrs to 55 yrs
  • Instant Policy issuance and fast claims settlement
  • Sum Insured – Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000

10 major Illnesses or Surgical Procedures in Reliance Critical Illness policy

  • Cancer (Malignant Cancer)
  • Major Organ / Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Third Degree Burns
  • Aorta Graft Surgery
  • Open Heart Valve Replacement or Repair of Heart Valves
  • Coma (persisting more than 30 days)
  • Quadriplegia (persisting more than 60 days post diagnosis without any significant recovery)(paralys caused by illness or injury )
  • Total Blindness
  • Kidney failure requiring regular dialysis

Premium for 1 Lakh

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