Key tips to Andaman travelers

Andaman Islands are an eye-catching travel spot which covers 86% of land area with dense forest which comes under the Reserve forest category. A spot, most suitable for trekking but every tourist should be aware of the possible environmental hazards which are the abode of wild life.

Some reasonable safety measures with regard to poisonous animals, snakes and crocodiles while moving into the interior forest areas may be strictly studied to make your trip risk free and enjoyable.

1. Sun Protection-

As the tropical heat is intense and possibilities of sun stroke is high, carry a cap to protect your head, sun glasses for your eyes and waterproof sunscreen with lasting results.

2. Insect Repellent-

With a rich fauna, varieties of mosquitoes and insects breed happily and the beaches of Andaman Islands can get unpleasant due to sand fly attacks. An insect repellent should be kept handy.

3. Flip flops/Rubber foot wear

Flip flops/Rubber foot wear is most ideal for easy and comfortable movement through the beach sand.

4. Water bottle-

Carry a water bottle and refill it at restaurants. Avoid disposing plastic bottles which is not encouraged as a part of environmental protection.

5. Clothes –

Light cottons to protect the body from high temperatures and humidity. A light, easily dryable towel may also be ideal.

6. Swim wear-

Swimming is an ideal sport in the clear blue waters of Andaman Islands. Comfortable swim suits may be carried.

7. Beach mat / Hammock –

To avoid direct contact with the sand and to spend more time in comfort, a beach mat or a hammock will be ideal.

8. Flash Lights –

Some hotels provide you with one but budget hotels may not. To make your trip hassle free, carry a flash light to keep safe from unfriendly reptiles and insects.

9. Rain Protection –

An umbrella or a rain jacket for yourself and a zip lock bag to protect cameras and other gadgets from moisture.

10. Money-

There is only two ATM’s (SBI and Axis Bank). They may not work at times and to be safe it is only ideal to carry sufficient currency and avoid getting stuck without cash.