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    Everyone loves to choose the best, whether its school, college, career, partner, even our dress, dine etc., all have to be unique and best for our satisfaction. Yes! really we all choose for the best options in our day to day activities. If we really give much importance to choose the best in all our A to Z activities, you will be more vigilant while selecting the best international travel card for your overseas purpose.

    ‘Choosing the best’ is a hurdle for all customers and it requires lots of research and analysis to opt the brand that meet all your requirements. Analysing the customer review of the product from digital space and through the experience of the previous users, one can easily formulate an opinion about the brand and to determine whether to go for the same or not.

    Travel Card from UAE Exchange India

    Being at this competitive space, the necessity of holding an international travel card has gained greater significance. The need to get engaged in numerous transactions all across the globe has risen tremendously. In the current era of globalisation where no distance is found to be too far or no time gap seems to be too long, ultimately leads to generate a tendency for men to conquer different destination. All these could be possible only if he or she is having an international travel card which enables them to satisfy all their needs in foreign lands.

    If you are planning for an abroad travel or abroad studies, your best international travel card will assist in all your abroad requirements. Be sure that you take the right card with you that offer the best service without charging high for the foreign exchange. When you opt for any travel card, you would be planning to afford the one that is convenient and usable anywhere around the globe. Choosing the right travel card will save you from loosing pennies for currency conversion. Be cautious to know the necessary details before fixing your travel card partner. Get the best travel card for a safe journey.

    For meeting the requirements in the foreign land, one has to find out best foreign currency exchange companies that provide comparatively affordable ‘rates of exchange’. This real menace of ‘physical currency conversion’ during multiple country travel can be avoided to a greater extent by carrying international travel card.

    If you are searching for the best international travel card, make sure it can be accessible in major currencies, offers maximum security and convenience while you travel anywhere around the globe. Check whether your international travel card offers exchange rate lock facility, if provided, you can save from spending on currency exchange. Check whether you are able to carry out online shopping using your multi currency ‘travel card’. Embedded chip integrated in your card offers you high level of security. You should also be updated with the next proceedings if the card got stolen.

    Though many financial institutions are issuing multi currency travel cards, the one which serves best of your interests and meets all your necessities are only worth for you. So be very selective and analyze the benefits offered by each international travel card.

    UAE Exchange India offers Multicurrency travel cards that cater the requirements of the customers anywhere in the world.

    Legacy of Un-compromised Quality

    UAE Exchange India, one of the renowned financial hub acts as a leading giant in fulfilling the financial requirements of its customers all across the nation. Upholding its motto ‘service is our currency’ the company gives foremost preference in ensuring quality services for its stakeholders. Multi currency travel card of UAE Exchange India assures numerous benefits and claimed to be one among the best service providers who deals with 24*7 services. UAE Exchange India, with almost two decades of experience in serving its clients, is providing optimized services to reduce the complexity in carrying liquid money while doing foreign purchases.

    Highlights of Multicurrency Travel Card of UAE Exchange India

    • Complete access for the users to travel across the globe
    • Facilitates multicurrency acceptance
    • Maximum convenience is assured for the users
    • Acceptance in the merchant locations and ATM’s worldwide
    • Embedded microchip ensures security at its maximum
    • Exchange rate lock facility
    • Multicurrency loading
    • Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, US Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Euro, UAE Dirham, Swiss Franc, Hong Kong Dollar, Saudi Riyal, Danish Kroner, Swedish Kroner,Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, Thai Baht, South African Rand and British Pound can be loaded into the card.
    Multi currency Card provided by UAE Exchange is a prepaid Travel Card featured with multi currency loading facilities. It acts as a safety machine for the customers and makes them free from the fear of carrying physical cash in their foreign trip. Anywhere in the globe, the user can make access of this card, which can be easily used at ATMs/POS and be available for online purchase at various locations. Another existing aspect of exchange rate lock facility along with reloading facility gives more convenience and security to the customers. The risk of theft or loss can be avoided as there is no need to carry physical currency while using a multicurrency travel card.

    Make good choices today so you don’t have to regret tomorrow

    Opt for the best platform that provides you maximum utility for making your foreign travel more feasible and hassle free. Even in this digital era many travelers prefer foreign currency exchange from airports for meeting various unexpected situations that might put them in huge loss of money. Hence it is often advisable to make use of ‘multicurrency travel card’ as a means of carrying money abroad. It also safeguards the travellers from the hassle of exchanging currency from unauthorised venues. Another advantage of travel card is that it can be loaded by your kith or kin in India, while you are abroad

    “To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions” -Benjamin Franklin.

    To know more about multicurrency travel card, visit or talk to us through toll free number 1800 3000 1555 or put a call back request or WhatsApp us at 9946086666. Learn more about the smart financial solutions available, to make your journey hassle free and memorable.