Protection for lifetime

Buying an insurance is buying a promise. Value of insurance is truly immeasurable, as it’s an intangible asset. Take the financial contract to secure your life, your family and your assets, against any unexpected loss or damage.

Insurance gives an upper-hand with unforeseen incidents taking toll in the lives of individual. It is more of a contract between an individual and an insurance company, where individual commits to pay on monthly, yearly or quarterly basis and the company in return provides a wide options of protection plans to safeguard the life assets and other dependents for a given period of time.

Rely on the smart solutions that could give a secured future, devoid of risks and anxieties.

  •   Health Insurance
    • Most unpredictable part of our routine life is health. It could give sudden shock that could blow away all the budgets of the month and future, hence it’s often advisable to insure your health with the most reliable insurance service provider. Best health insurance providers understands the escalating cost of medical bills which could hardly be met without a comprehensive health insurance. Get a health insurance policy with a periodical investment and a secured future.

      UAE Exchange India in liaison with Star Health and Allied Insurance Company caters the best insurance scheme available in the industry.

    • Family health insurance
    • The ever-rising medical inflation in India makes it necessary to get coverage of comprehensive health insurance for the entire family so as to ensure a secured future. A family health insurance policy covers all the members against various diseases and illnesses.

    • Senior citizen health insurance
    • Sometimes unexpected medical expense causes a strain on the financial well-being for the Senior-Citizens, as their source of income is limited. Health insurance plan for senior citizen curtails the need for critical illness coverage at the time of emergencies thus saving significant sum of money. The rising cost of medical expenditure makes it crucial for the senior citizen to own a health insurance policy as it proves to be a boon to meet their medical treatments.

    • Individual health insurance
    • An individual health insurance policy enables one to get insured against death, accidents, permanent disabilities or temporary total disablement, etc. It provides risk coverage for individual persons against expenditure caused by any unforeseen medical emergencies. Individual health insurance coverage aids one to access the best healthcare without fearing the financial strain.

    • Features
      Coverage for entire family under a single sum insured option for any person residing in India aged between 18 to 65 years
      Child from 16th day of birth, can be get covered as part of the family insurance
      Exclusive Health Policy for senior citizen between 60 to 75 years of age
      Cashless hospitalization benefits including room rent and treatment costs
      Pre-existing Diseases/Illness Coverage available after continuous insurance of 48 months without a break.
  •   Travel Insurance
    • Travel has always been a passion for all. Most of people pre-plan and save for their trip to dream destination, with the least thought of any mishap that could distraught their complete happiness and their budgeted plans. Hence most essential before planning a trip is travel insurance.

      There are a host of optimized travel insurance plan best suited for all

    • Individual Travel Insurance
    • Individual travel insurance is meant for a single individual covering him from travel related contingencies.

    • Family Travel Insurance
    • A family travel Insurance plan insures the entire family from travel related emergencies.

    • Student Travel Insurance
    • Student Travel Insurance is a travel insurance policy designed for students traveling abroad on student visa to pursue higher studies.

    • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
    • Senior citizen insurance is for people who belong to the age group 61-70.It is a travel insurance policy aimed at senior citizens to make their travel a pleasant experience.

    • Multi-Trip Travel Insurance
    • A multi-trip travel insurance is a type of travel insurance offering extended coverage usually for a year, specially designed for frequent fliers for multiple trips so that they don’t have to apply for insurance every time they travel.

    • Features
      Offers financial recovery for medical expenses caused due to accidents and illnesses
      Travel Insurance can act as a legal support in case of an emergency.
      Overseas travel insurance insures you against disasters like loss of checked-in baggage or passport.
      Protection against trip cancellation or interruption.
      Insurance also covers your personal liabilities while on travel or in another country.
      Student travel insurance covers all requirements including medical, baggage and many more.

      Other types of coverage include travel delay, tour operator default, personal liability, accidental death, legal expenses, repatriation, emergency reunion, dental expenses, and others.

      Avail the finest services of overseas travel insurance from UAE Exchange India. The company will offer the best advice in the industry with local support for all emergency needs to solve your problems within the shortest possible time.

  •   Motor Insurance
    • Among extensive travelling and hectic crowd, accidents or minor collisions are nothing unusual. These minor incidents could often effect the pre-determined budget hence most secure way to have a hassle free drive is with motor insurance. Motor insurance covers automobile, driver or also the co- travelers.

      Optimized solutions for various types of motor insurance

    • Types of motor insurance

    • Car insurance
    • A comprehensive coverage against physical damage and bodily injury to the car and covers against third-party liability.

    • Two wheeler insurance
    • A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy provides hassle-free protection to your bike or scooter against physical damage, theft and third party liability.

    • Commercial vehicle insurance
    • Commercial vehicle insurance is a Liability Only policy for commercial vehicles across the various classes of vehicles like goods carrying vehicles – private and public carrier, passenger carrying vehicles, miscellaneous and special types of vehicles.

    • Features
    • In India, under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory that every vehicle should have a valid Insurance to drive on the road, According to MVC 196 Driving without Insurance the penalty will be Fine up to Rs 1000 or Imprisonment up to 3 months or both

      It is mandatory that every vehicle moving on the roads of India, under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 should have a valid Insurance. Driving without Insurance aaccording to MVC 196 could be penalised with a fine up to Rs1000 or imprisonment fine up to 3 months or both. Motor Policy coverage could be segregated under

      Package Policy (Full coverage) giving own damage coverage & third party coverage. Own damage to the vehicle due to

    • Fire explosion, self ignition, or lightning.
      Burglary, housebreaking & theft.
      Riots & Strike
      Earthquake (Fire & Shock)‏
      Act of God perils.
      Malicious act
      Terrorist activity
      In transit
      Land slide / Rock slide
    • Liability Policy ( Third party policy)( statutory)
    • Liability Policy could be loss or Damage to third party:
    • All the sum which the insured is legally liable to pay in respect of death or bodily injury to a person.
    • Damage to third party property up to an amount of Rs. 7.5 lacs for private car and Rs. 1.0 lac for two wheelers.
    • Damage to third party property up to an amount of Rs. 7.5 lacs for private car and Rs. 1.0 lac for two wheelers.
    • These types of occasions often calls for immediate attention which would be meet with expertise within no time at any of the direct branches of UAE Exchange at more than 380 locations.
  •   Points to check before your insurance purchase
    • Why do you need insurance now?
    • Don’t just opt any insurance plan just because you heard about it. Find out if you really need it. You are the bread-winner of the family then insurance is must for you for the sake of your dependents. Even if the above rule does not apply to you, it is advisable to choose the start-up plan at an early age which is sure to be beneficial in least expected times. Early you invest, greater is the returns.

    • Check your monthly budget and decide on the plan to invest.
    • Every person has his own pre-determined budget based on his income, hence it’s advisable to select a plan depending upon their capacity to invest on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis and also its coverage potential.

    • Check the quality and returns of the insurance policy?
    • Each insurance policy offers different packages depending upon the duration, your age, amount and expected premium. Hence consult a service insurance provider with expertise in the subject.