How to Send money to Bank Account

Alternative payment in the busy life schedule is the most searched term as time has moved to a traumatic situation where each seconds means a lot in current competitive space. Are you searching for an app to send money to bank account or to any other wallet? Know more about How to Send Money to Bank Account. Your best ways to make easy money transfer anytime anywhere.

To make flexible send money to any bank account instantly, get your convenient mobile wallet. Load your wallet to make instant money transfer.

Know about How to send money to bank account

  • Download mobile wallet from Google play store

  • Get registered in the your wallet adding mobile number

  • Load money to the wallet

How to Send Money to Bank Account

  • Load your wallet and make instant transfer

  • Enter the account number and transfer money

Your wallet features

  • Instant money transfers

  • All transfers are immediate to bank account

  • Better convenience and security

  • Easy and simple

 Just your touch can send money to bank account of your friend, kit and kin in an instant. Newest addition of UPI integration or unified Payment interface facility which could make you send money with utmost convenience. Just onetime registration enables send money or money transfer spontaneously. Budget-averse / spendthrift minds can restrict their extravagances by loading the money to the cash wallet for the month so that you can spend within your budget.

 How to Send money to bank account or make instant money transfers with:-

~        Less consumption of internet and fast loading

~        Get instant notification about your transactions

~        Access to your mobile account statement at ease.

~        Totally secured with MPIN and OTP enabled transactions

~        UPI enabled facilitating to make money transfer through UPI PIN

India is moving ahead of time in digital economy, how can you linger back? Take the lead and be an inspiration for your friends. Have a look at the busy running schedules of the developed countries and the alternate ways for easy payments and other schedules. Leave the worries of payments to have more time with your loved ones.

Make your life simple with instant money transfer and carve time for yourself!

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