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    Are you looking for break from the hectic schedule of your daily life?Visit Thailand with family and friends, the perfect place to relax at the most pocket friendly rates. Pleasant climate, vast expanses of natural scenic beauty, cordial locals and of course excellent food, are so inviting that one could hardly resist the call of Thailand, the mystical land of exotic engagements. Planner to travel Thailand for a year is all set to tickle your imagination and assist you to decide your preferable time, choice of Thailand destination.

    Best time to visit Thailand weather wise

    November to February is considered as the peak season for Thailand tourism as it dry and cool but the tourist spots will be highly crowded with people from across the globe. Thailand is famous for many events and famous incredible happenings that could hardly be evaded. Before jump-start your booking procedure have a fast glimpse for the Thailand travel tips available in special spots throughout the seasons.

    NOVEMBER weather-most favored climate

    Floating lights wadding off bad-luck

    It’s the perfect time to have a glimpse of Loy Krathong which is celebrated in full moon day of the 12th month of Thai calendar. A small banana leaf raft containing incense, candle, flowers, coins and some clippings of nail or hair is let afloat to take away the impending misfortune or bad luck from the one who set it free. Water is adorned with glittering sparkles and smelling aroma of incenses making it a heavenly realm that could only be experienced with your presence.

    Elephants to dine on tables

    Even since 19th century, Thailand was famous for capturing elephant and other animal to tame and domesticate them. This art soon took the form of a tradition making it popularly known as Elephant Round-up Festival where elephants are paraded down the streets which is a magnificent spectacle with majestically adorned mahouts finally reaching the celebration spot where these giant tuskers are given fruits and other delicacies on the table.

    Lighting lanterns in the night sky

    Decorated lanterns of vivid colors and shapes are lit across the streets with some of them let-go to float in the sky giving a feeling of fantasy and ecstasy during the famous Yi Peng Lantern Festival at Chiang Mai. Lanterns that are let afloat in the sky are a reverent homage to righteous Buddha and also to shed bad memories replacing with fresh aspiration for days ahead. With the back drop of night sky, lit with thousands of lanterns is a spectacular sight which is hovered by crowds from across the nation.

    Party time for the monkeys

    Visit the monkey festival of Thailand at Lopburi town. As a gratitude towards the primitive evolutionary being for human race, which is celebrated in a super-banquet for these monkeys. It’s the treat-time for the monkeys on the last Sunday of November at the monkey-town or Lopburi. Be careful about the food that you are taking there, as they could easily snatched by the primates even if it’s not for them. It has become a big festival where people from across the country gather to feed these little ones with passion that could hardly be seen anywhere in the world.

    DECEMBER celebration with music

    Constitution Day

    10th December marked the end of monarchy and the beginning of Constitution. Despite all these, king is still considered as the highest point of authority in state, armed forces and religion. Though not a celebration but it’s a national holiday to honor Constitution Day.

    Passionate about orchestra

    In the green backdrop of Lumphini Park, often an orchestra is scheduled to play given a free trance to the world of music among the green gardens. Entry is free with people coming with their food and mat to picnic while imbibing the melodious music of the county.

    Celebrate end year bash in the land of smiles

    Be it Christmas or New Year celebration, it’s the best time to visit the most cordial country often remembered as the ‘Land of Smiles’. New Year eve is a public holiday with lot of frolic events split at various places making it hard for you to decide your choice. Most of the places are adorned with illuminating lanterns and fireworks, giving a feel of celebration in the atmosphere.

    JANUARY- inaugurate the festival of Umbrellas with your little one’s

    Visit Thailand with li’l ones on January 14th .

    If you happen to be in Thailand in the 2nd Saturday of the first month of the year, then you might be lucky to get discounted or free passes for your children for various public places on this special day.

    Third week marks the making of umbrellas

    Thailand has one of the most beautiful umbrellas which would come in all different shapes and sizes to amaze you. Best part of all is, you can watch the craftsperson in the making of the beautiful creations coming to life. Remember to take a booty for your favorite back home. You can also watch the beauty pageant on the go in full pomp and show down the aisle. It is one the most famous festival where even the Governor comes down to inaugurate the ‘festival of Umbrellas’.

    Last week celebrate the Year of the Rooster

    Chinese New Year is popularly known as Year of the Rooster 2016 is mainly celebrated in the last week of January. You can find the Chinese descendants all adorned in their kimono ready for the big bash.

    FEBRUARY- lover’s day with strawberries and flowers

    Are you music lover, then visit on 1st week?.

    Be part of the Jai Thep Music festival where you can witness live music with DJs romping the ambience with music throughout day and night. Family event usually conducted in the open green ambience out of the city limits. DJs and bands on different stages performing arts, music and magic to enthrall with a mesmerizing out-of-the-world feel like never before.

    Crazy about flowers

    Visit 1st week of the month to witness the most beautiful flowers of the world, all come to life in its full gorgeousness at the Chiang Mai Flower Festival. Parade of flower cladded vehicle is a spectacle that could only be cherished once seen in person. Flowers of different and rare colors are seen almost all over the place for the three day celebrations.

    10th to 14th festival of strawberries

    Lover of strawberries, best time to visit Thailand, Samoeng where you will find these relishing berries of different sizes and shapes waiting to be savored. Get some of the best strawberry products and also fresh dried and bottled ones for your future store.

    No Sin, Purity of mind & good deeds

    Fall of the third full moon of Thai lunar calendar marks the advent of the MakhaBucha Day is mainly noted as a day for no sin, purity of mind and performing good deeds. Visit the temples but learn the sitting principles before moving ahead to the have the glimpse of the beautiful house of prayer and saffron cladded monks arrayed symmetrically to chant their sacred verses.

    Lover’s day in Thailand

    Trimurthi shrine, Trang renewing your wedding locks or wedding ceremony underwater, dinner cruise of Bangkok, etc. are some of the worthwhile spectacles that could hardly be missed on lovers day. Give a surprise to your spouse by taking her to any of these places which she sure to fill her with renewed love for you.

    Pattaya Bike week

    Do not miss the huge motor-bike event which pulls an invisible string among the riders from across the country. If you are a freak-rider or enjoy riding bike, remember to be part of this 2 days long event set in the land of smiles in Pattaya.

    Ever heard about Blue Rock Festival

    Get ready to join the global music fiesta in which bands from diverse countries visit to take part and also to perform. Sweden, Malaysia, Canada, USA, UK etc. are some of the countries that rush-in to be part of this musical retreat at Phuket.

    Best time to visit Thailand off-season with serenity all around

    June to October is the time when people with special preference for serene atmosphere with little crowd and hustle-bustle around. Most of passionate people with an artistic bend of mind are seen to book for this time of the year and return back with memoirs to be cherished for the lifetime.

    JUNE weather – rainy days in Thailand

    Sway to the rhythm of Bun Bang Fai

    Love dancing, singing amidst lights and fireworks, Bun Bang Fai or popularly known Rock festival is the ideal patch for you. Rock festival come to the real life in the villages where the locals sway to the rhythm of the native theme and also the sight of handmade rockets beautifying the night sky.

    Did you visit the Jazz Festival?

    Ever since 2001, Hua Hin Jazz Festival was always in vogue with world class performers swaying among clouds of sand and high notes in the air. At the backdrop of stunning sunset and tasty nibbles, you can dance and eat to your heart’s content. Mark your calendars for the jazzy days at Thailand.

    Do you believe in Ghost?

    Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival, in Dan Sai district is the celebrated as per the local belief of ghosts and spirits. Processions, food offering to monks, performance, competition, firing of bamboo rockets, colorful masks and much more all set live for 3 days at a stretch. Shed all your fears of spirits and enjoy the festival with the local festivity.

    Virgin jungle of KhaoSok National Park

    Evergreen rainforest of KhaoSok stands as one of the eldest jungles that still breeds rare species of tigers, birds, flowers and other green beautiful sights which could linger with you even after your leave the wilds. ChaowLan Lake is the famous man-made lake in which you could go swimming, raft canoe etc. is the main attraction. Jungle trekking, elephant riding, staying at floating bungalows, water safaris, etc. are some of the special jungle activities that you can get involved.

    JULY- enjoy candle lit in the land of monks

    Candle lit Thailand

    AsahnaBucha Day marks the beginning of rainy days and also the advent of seclusion for monks who restrict themselves to their monasteries and surroundings. This day is also very auspicious for the monks, as this was the day of of Buddha’s first sermon was preached at Benaras almost 2500 years ago. You might have taken your spouse to candle lit dinner or restaurant, now it’s time to visit a candle lit land of monks at this month of the year.

    4days of yachting

    Witness the international world class yacht-racing at Phuket for 4-5days commencing from mid-late July with magical seaside parties. Get to watch the multi-hull fleet of Thailand set in the serene waters and riders across the globe using their full power to win the internationally renowned yachting cup.

    AUGUST- respect your elderly one’s

    Be a part of Mother’s day at Thailand

    Queens’s birthday on August 12th is celebrated as the Mother’s Day. The event is carried out with great vigor in temples and avenues with lights and decorations all over the place.

    Offering for Ancestors

    Por Tor Hungry Ghost Festival in Phuket where the ancestors are treated with flowers, food and candles of the ethnic Chinese group. Burnt offering are offered to appease the wandering ghosts.

    SEPTEMBER- glimpses of rare Salak Yom festival

    Best day to wave Thai flag

    National flag of Thailand represents Nation, religion and monarchy with white relating to the purity from the Buddhism religion. Thai National Flag Day is on September 28th 2017. So mark the day to be there and witness the celebration of the national event.

    Salak Yom festival

    Salak Yom festival is for the young women entering the age of marriage and most ceremoniously beautiful Salaks are made which have been noted to be very expensive as most of the items are handmade and calls for lot of labor. Music, dance, traditional tribe shows, open market for traditional items, and much more for its visitors.

    OCTOBER- be prepared for a supernatural hallucination

    Chonburi for buffalo racing

    Visit the Chonburi to visit the ancient Buffalo racing which is more than a century old. Be part of the Miss Buffalo Pageant where the name might sound unpleasant but the local ladies take pleasure in taking part in the contest.

    Are you vegetarian?

    Best time to celebrate your status in Thailand. Diligent devotees restrict themselves from all forms of small and big sin for these days compiling to a vegetarian life which is indeed an achievement even in these days of free living.

    Natural/supernatural or man made hallucination

    Naga Fireballs, of NongKhai are some of the best sight that could ever be missed. Natural/supernatural or manmade hallucination, still remains a mystery for all the spectators. Go to Thailand to check the rare spectacle.

    All cannot be described in one day or in one go, so visit personally to know more.

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