How to Do Online Mobile Recharge Easily

Fed up with usual way of going out and recharging your phone? Want to recharge it without going out? Then get ready, because now you can recharge your mobile phones from your house itself!

Simple steps to be followed for an easy online mobile recharge

Step 1: select your option among the prepaid, postpaid and landline

Step 2: enter your number

Step 3: number to be recharged

Step 4: amount to be recharged

Step 5: enter the MPIN sent to your mobile. Remember it’s a onetime number which has to be retained with you for all your online mobile recharge

Step 6: enter the captcha

Step 7: submit the entry by selecting the tab ‘recharge now’

Just few clicks and your online mobile recharge is done. So keep talking to your hearts content.

How to register your number for online mobile recharge?

Select the ‘register new customer’ option to find a pop-up asking the following details for enabling online mobile recharge and other online facilities.

  • Mobile No.
  • Name
  • DOB
  • Address
  • Pin code
  • Enter captcha
  • Generate OTP
  • After entering aforesaid details please confirm to proceed with the mobile online recharge facility.

Why online mobile recharge has become an essential?

Today, with the introduction of XPay App, the mobile recharging has become an easy process and now it is not necessary to go out and approach the retailers for recharging mobiles. The mobile recharging apps were introduced with an objective to make the process simpler for mobile recharging. By using apps like XPay, the users can recharge their phones from any part of the world. And for this a simple procedure has to be followed. Both prepaid and postpaid mobile recharging can be done using these apps. Online mobile recharge facilities gives you the freedom to recharge your phones at any time. You can even recharge your phone at mid night using these apps. You can also help your friends and relatives to recharge their mobile phones, as these apps permits the recharging of other phones too.

What are the benefits of online mobile recharge?

Online mobile recharge has got stacks of benefits and this makes them more popular among users.
  • It saves time and the users can recharge their mobile phones at any time and from any part of the world- be it from your office, home, hotel etc.
  • Sometimes you might be in in journey and you need to recharge your phone urgently. But you don’t have any facility to recharge. So, in such situations you can use these apps for recharging your mobile.
  • The service is available 24*7.
  • Online mobile recharging apps also provides various offers for their customers like, cash back offers, lucky draw, discounted packages etc. and for this various promo codes are provided to the customers. While charging mobile phones, customers can use these promo codes and win exciting offers like 100% cash back offer etc.
  • Online mobile recharge is the more suitable method to get your prepaid and postpaid accounts recharged that too rapidly and effortlessly. Later the advent of this newest technology very little people are using the other choices of recharging. The coupons for prepaid recharging are only obtainable from retail shops and that too for some period of time. But however you can recharge your prepaid account anytime and from anyplace using the mobile recharging apps.
  • In addition, to obtain a recharge coupon you want to wait in a lengthy line till your chance comes. But with the introduction of this pioneering service you can get your account recharged rapidly with just little clicks of computer’s mouse. They provides the services for free.
  • The only sum you need to pay is the money against your mobile recharge coupon that you will buy through online.  No problem which network you are using, you can acquire your prepaid and postpaid account recharged instantly with this newest service.

Thus all these features helped the online mobile recharging apps to gather more popularity among the users.

Check out Online recharge mobile operators for your online mobile recharge!






Reliance GSM

Reliance CDMA



Loop Mobile



TATA Indicom


All these are the major service providers in India, which have been well aligned in XPay for your easy accessibility that offers the online mobile recharging facility. Avail the services offered by them according to your preference, and enjoy the benefits of online mobile recharge. Now a days, the youth and the new generation people are looking forward for newer technologies and innovations. They are not interested to follow the old and outdated technologies. So thus digitalization happening in every part of India and thus everything is available on our finger tips. The usual custom of mobile recharging from retail shops are less preferred today. With the advent of various apps for online mobile recharging, the process of mobile recharging became an easy process. And many are using it today. Those who are not started to use it yet, can register their names soon, with the help of the details provided above. So try it and be a part of the digital India…

XPay India

XPay India has a host of amenities, tuned in a manner best suited for their emergencies and dire necessities. Simple processes with simple steps and each step is further simplified with easily understandable comments making your journey for an online mobile recharge all the more faster and easier. XPay’s speedy and simpler processing helps to save your time and also helps to avail the services without any lag. It is easier manner of mobile recharging than by recharging directly from shops. In order to avail the benefits of online mobile recharging, all you need is to install the XPay app in your mobile phone. And after that by following some simple steps you can avail the facilities.

XPay India mobile recharge has options for both already registered users and also unregistered/new users. Registered users will have a 4 digit MPIN number which is sent while registering. And if you are not a registered user, then don’t worry, you can also register by following some easy steps. In order to help you, the procedures to register in XPay are explained below. Have a glance through it and follow the procedures to get registered in XPay. Visit to know more.

For your any queries,please feel free to contact 0484-3200502 or WhatsApp your query to +919946086666.