How to Do Online DTH Recharge easily

Troubled with traditional mode of going out and recharging your DTH? Want to check out something new? Then be prepared, the newer methods are arrived and now you can do the online DTH recharge from where ever you want!

Stage to move for online DTH recharge.

Procedures for easy online DTH recharge

Phase 1: enter your number

Phase 2: enter the DTH number to be recharged

Phase 3: select the operator/service provider

Phase4: enter the amount

Phase 5: enter the MPIN sent to your mobile. Remember it’s a onetime number which has to be retained with you for all your online DTH recharge

Phase 6: enter the captcha

Phase 7: submit the entry by selecting the tab ‘recharge now’

 How to register your number for online DTH recharge?

Select the ‘register new customer’ option to find a pop-up asking the following details for enabling online DTH recharge and other online facilities.

  • DTH No.
  • Name
  • DOB
  • Address
  • Pin code
  • Enter captcha
  • Generate OTP
  • After entering aforesaid details please confirm to proceed with the mobile online recharge facility. easy
 Make some clicks with your mouse and your online DTH recharge is done. So keep watching your favorite programs as much as you wish without pausing.

Why online DTH recharge has become a necessity?

Today, with the advent of XPay App, the DTH recharging has become very simple procedure and now it is not required to drive out and ask the help of retailers for recharging DTH. The DTH recharging apps were implemented with an aim to make the procedure for DTH recharging easier. With the help of apps like XPay, you can recharge your DTH from whenever and wherever you wish. And in order to avail these services a small procedure has to be followed. Even late night recharging is also possible through these apps. You can also support your relatives and friends to recharge their DTH, as these apps allows the recharging of others DTH too.

How we can benefit out of online DTH recharge?

Online DTH recharge has got lot of benefits and it gives them more popularity among consumers.

  • It is more time saving than usual custom of going out and getting your DTH recharged. Consumers can recharge their DTH whenever they need, and from any part of the world- be it from your home, workplace, hotel etc.
  • The service can be obtained 24*7*365 days.
  • Online DTH recharging apps also delivers numerous online DTH recharge offers for their consumers like, lucky draw, promotional packages, cash back offers etc. and using the promo codes, the customers can win thrilling offers like 100% cash back etc.
  • Online DTH recharge is the more apt technique to get your prepaid and postpaid accounts recharged quickly and smoothly. With the introduction of this latest technology, many people are benefiting out of it. The vouchers for prepaid recharging are only available from retail shops and that too available only for some period of time.  Still you can recharge your prepaid account from anywhere and at any time using the DTH recharging apps.
  • After all, to recharge your DTH from retailers, you have to wait long. But with the advent of this innovative services of online DTH recharge, you can charge your DTH speedily with some clicks of computer mouse.
  • The only cash required is the cash against your DTH recharge, which you can pay online.

Thus all the above mentioned benefits had facilitated the online DTH recharging apps to get more acceptance among the consumers.

Try out these Online DTH recharge operators/service providers for your online DTH recharge!

Airtel Digital TV

Tata Sky TV

Videocon D2H TV

Big TV

Dish TV


All the above are the main online DTH recharge service providers in India. Make use of these online recharging facilities according to your interest, and gain the services provided by online DTH recharge. Today, the younger generation of India is looking for new inventions and better services. They are not interested to continue with the traditional and obsolete technologies. Thus everyone is searching for services on their fingertips, so that digitalization is taking place in every part of India. The old method of DTH recharging from retailers are less chosen today. With the introduction of different apps for online DTH recharging, the practice of DTH recharging became very easy. And many are using it today. Those who are not used it yet, can list your names shortly, with the help of the above details. So start using it and be the part of the digital India…

Are you a person who regularly watches your favorite series on TV? Then missing any of them will be the big loss for you. Traditional mode of going out and recharging your DTH will take time, so there is a chance to miss out the episodes. Try out the online DTH recharging apps, and watch your favorite programs without any breaks…If you are an addict of ‘NFL football’ or the ‘Game of Thornes’  or ‘Stranger Things’, etc.  Then with the help of online DTH recharge, you can continue watching them without skipping any of its episodes. So online DTH recharge facilities provided by apps like XPay in India will stand by you as your perfect support to help you whenever you face troubles in watching your favorite shows and thus they values your time and gives you instant support and care throughout the days…

XPay India

XPay India has a mass of facilities, regulated in a mode best suitable for their crises and dreadful requirements. Easy procedures with simple steps and each step is again made easy with simple reasonable explanations building your voyage for an online DTH  recharge  further quicker and easy. XPay’s quick and easy handling helps in saving your time and also helps to benefit the services without any delay. It is simple way of DTH recharging than by recharging right from retail shops. In order to gain the services of online DTH recharging, all you required is to install the XPay app in your mobile phone. And later that by doing some easy steps you can benefit the services.

XPay India DTH recharge has choices for both previously registered users and also unregistered/new users. Registered users will have a 4 digit MPIN number which is sent while registering. And if you are not a registered user, then no need to worry, because you can also register by following some easy steps. In order to help you, the processes to register in XPay are described below. Have a look through it and follow the steps to get registered in XPay. Feel free to Visit our website to know more.

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