UAE Exchange partners with local campaigners and movements in promoting different environmental initiatives like ‘Save Tree’, ‘Save Tiger’, the ‘World Environment Day’ and so on. We have put in much effort at distributing saplings and plants at our varied locations and customer contact points. We are also quite passionate about our consistent efforts in liaison with the National Safety Council in ensuring Road and Traffic safety as well as ‘Pollution Free’ campaigns. We also do our best at promoting cleanliness and maintenance of our public places throughout the country. We give each small effort the best we have and believe that none of these is small. After all, ‘drops of water make an ocean’.

As a part of firm’s social responsibility as well as the concern towards the society, the company needs to integrate social and environmental concerns in its business operations on a voluntary basis for ensuring better support. Our concern for the environment has expanded with the main focus on protecting the nature’s gifted resources for the future generations. By inter-relating the on-going activities of the company via environment and energy productivity, people and society, and authority compliance, UAE Exchange India has marked a giant pace toward sustainability.

UAE Exchange India being the most favourite financial service provider, keeps itself updated about the obligation towards the environment mainly in following ways;

  • By examining the impact of corporate social responsibility in the light of environment protection
  • Analysing the effects or consequences of the company’s operations on the environment
  • Keep researching the ways for ensuring better ambience in the locality where the business are functioning
  • Upholding the laws implemented by the supreme authorities relating to corporate social responsibility in relation to environmental protection in India

As a precaution to ensure safety and a more civilised world to live in, UAE Exchange India initiates numerous CSR projects for rebuilding the prestigious human culture which had been set way back in the environment where we live today. The company also publicised its interest in promoting various activities and programs which are helpful to the society or the public in general, by way of sponsorship.

UAE Exchange India has initiated various campaigns for creating public awareness regarding environmental issues. One such movement is the ‘Clean Kochi Campaign of Kochi Corporation’ where all the 400 staff of UAE Exchange located in Kochi voluntarily resolute to participate in cleaning one stretch of road from Gandhi Square to Guesthouse with the support of Kochi Corporation.

Awareness program on preventing littering in public roads can alone bring a big change in the city. UAE Exchange is doing this awareness campaign to educate the society by initiating the clean city program.