Currency converter|Live Exchange rates

Currency converter is widely accepted and greatly used as an easy or a quick tool for analysing the current market rates, enabling the users to convert their currency exchange with another ones.

Currency converter is mostly used by traders dealing with currency exchange or other dealers who are associated with the transaction of currency business. It enables the user to identify favorable exchange rates making them to access up-to-date currency conversion rates prevailing in the market.

It is quite interesting to note that the value of one currency is generally expressed in terms of another or are usually quoted in pairs.

Why to approximate the currency conversion rate when you have a currency converter?

Arriving at the airports it is very common that the foreigners may exchange their currency from nearby foreign exchange booths. Most of the travellers are least bothered to enquire the currency conversion rates prevailing in the market and may approach the dealers with a vague knowledge on conversion rate. There may be a chance for them to bear loss of value for their currency due to the negligence in considering the prevalent market rate.

The threat of loss to the value of currency can be prevented to a greater extend with the use of currency converter. The usage of currency converter may help the users to access a specific know-how about the up-to-date foreign currency conversion rate. This enable the users to wait for a favorable exchange rate thereby avoiding the probability of loss of currency.

Advantages of Currency Converter

  • Enable in analyzing how furthest your currency can be used in another country

  • Facilitate to access up-to-date currency conversion rates prevailing in the market

  • Expedite the users to tackle the unfavorable exchange rates

  • Assist in better certainty with live exchange rates

  • Ensure better global connectivity

  • Allow the users to have an alert with live market exchange rates

How do a currency converter works?

  • Mention the currency you have with you/ which you need to convert

  • State the denomination/ value of currency you have or need to convert

  • Currency converter will enable you to get a quick alert/ analyze the current rate of currency which you need to convert

UAE Exchange India’s currency converter 

UAE Exchange India, the prominent foreign exchange dealer with more than a decade of know-how in financial services offers finest foreign exchange services enabling your currency conversion requirements more feasible. It facilitates hassle-free conveniences to the users all across the nation offering countless comforts and easiness throughout their requirements.

UAE Exchange India has a vast network of branches providing support according to customer conveniences in various services like Send Money Abroad, Foreign Exchange, Air Ticketing & Tours, Loans, Domestic Money Transfer, Insurance and Share Trading. The company is also specialized in providing incredible services in sending money abroad for education, Visa fees, Immigration, Employment purposes etc.

Most advanced online portal facility for blocking the rates and the invention of XPay Cash Wallet, the prominent mobile app helps enabling the users to simplify the transactions with much progressive features. With a far-reaching network of more than 370 branches across the country, UAE Exchange India satisfies the demands of customers in services like Foreign Exchange, Send Money Abroad, loans, insurance and Air Ticketing & Tours.

Currency converter, the radical innovation of UAE Exchange India assist the multiple users to access live foreign currency rates thereby creating adequate awareness in you about the up-to-date foreign exchange rates prevailing in the financial market.

Get instant currency conversion rates 

UAE Exchange India being the proficient service provider available at more than 370 locations and online touch points, the company is looked-for to serve you anywhere at any time as per your discretion.

Distinguished of its penchant for quality and passionate customer services, UAE Exchange India has enabled a customer friendly "currency converter" which allows the customers to fix or check the exchange rates as per your choice.

Update your know-how in currency conversion rates with UAE Exchange India’s special highlights

  • track the present movements of currency conversion rate prevailing in the market

  • Instant access to the live market rates even on the move at the fingertips

If you have any requirements/ queries related to currency converter, visit UAE Exchange India website in Mobile or flick the digits 180030001555 / Send your concern at or WhatsApp at +91 99460 86666.