5 Best Ways to Carry Cash While Traveling Abroad

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    The major hassle of every traveler going abroad is the difficulty in carrying money. Keeping money along with them during the trip, is very risky, as there is a high chance for the threat of pick-pockets or sneak-thieves. So the best way to carry money when travelling abroad is Travel Card and it became the perfect partner for travelers. Now it is the most preferred and secured medium for transaction abroad. The travel card has got numerous advantages, making them very convenient and the perfect alternative for carrying money on hand.

    What is Travel Card? 

    In simple words, a travel card is a user-friendly secure card that often permits you to withdraw cash in foreign currencies, to make payments without using any physical cash. It also enables to reload multiple currencies, check the balances at any time of your convenience to shop accordingly, and thereby comfort your days abroad in a much relaxed manner.

    5 benefits of Travel Card while Travelling Abroad:  

    • Easy withdrawal: There are numerous ATMs across the sphere you can access.
    • Exchange rate locking: You can lock the exchange rates against the vulnerabilities in the foreign exchange market. So if the exchange rates take a plunge while you’re on trips, you won’t undergo a loss of funds.
    • Internet banking: Internet banking lets you top up your moneys and transmit them from your bank. You can access your travel card online over an internet banking site or a mobile app.
    • Compound currencies available: Diverse amounts of currencies (such as US Dollars, Great British Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars, etc.) can be added to your account, however you can also make consumption’s in another currency and have your funds transformed on the fly.
    • They can be used for most standard debit dealings: This removes the chance for stolen money.

    Right amount of money is an essential for every trips, and it adds extra mileage to your journey. As the quantity of money with you increases, the probability of looting your cash by frauds also increases. So replace your money with travel cards and have a blast on your foreign trips.

    6 Reasons to use a Travel Card? 

    • Ensure a stress-free overseas trip
    • Better exchange rates
    • Risk-free cash withdrawals
    • Relaxed shopping/ Easy Purchases while abroad
    • Appropriate security features
    • Easy loading and reloading of multiple currencies

    How does Travel Card Works? 

    Customers can purchase the travel card and can load up to 16 different currencies with stipulated amount. However, it is prudent to decide the budget for the travel and then load the required amount it in the home country itself through personal visit to the branch or through online net banking. Just like any other debit or credit card, multi-currency travel card also has a pin embedded with microchip protected. The card can be easily used at ATMs/POS and online purchase for withdrawal at various locations around the globe.

    Obviously your next question might be, how does a travel card works better than any other mode of foreign payments?

    No one can neglect the prominence of money in everyday life. Though you forecast ‘n’ number of plans for your stay abroad, ‘cash’ stands as the prime factor for realizing the entire plan. There might be a chance for pickpockets stealing your wallet that can ruin your entire trip. This makes travelers seek an advanced alternative which can replace cash.

    Travel cards are used extensively by foreign travelers as it offers guaranteed safety and security as and when you move.