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As per the latest statics of outward remittance business, around $ 4.6 billion has been remitted by Indians to their families, friends and others during 2015-16. There has been a paradigm rise in the remittance business in India with the increase in interest on study abroad programme, medical treatment and abroad medical tourism. Among the above said Send Money Abroad needs, the major purpose for remittance is Study abroad programme. While following the dream, students have to be aware about the remittance policies and procedures and make sure not to misled by others regarding send money abroad.

Any investment in knowledge pays the best Interest “Benjamin Franklin”

Awareness is the greatest means to stay away from being cheated by the unauthorized service providers.

Experience your student life in USA

“For a better career in Technology, My daughter had opted MS programme in US after completing her graduation from Chennai.  She struggled a lot to get an entry in renowned university to pursue her technological insights with the support of world class guides and scientific advancements. She had put her effort to clear GRE and IELTS in the first attempt making an entry for her higher studies much easier. I still remember how she described her great days in USA. According to her, gaining knowledge from expert academic was the greatest factor than earning lakhs monthly. For students with great quest for knowledge, it would be better to pursue their higher education from abroad universities” – Sreemala, Chennai.

How to Send Money from India to USA?

Sending Money to a bank account

  • Choose your trusted partner for Send Money to USA
  • Select the receiver and provide the accurate details about the recipient along with the country and the correct location. There should not be any mistake in the provided Name of the recipient.
  • Choose the amount you need to deposit in the account, providing accurate bank deposit details
  • Choose the mode to pay the amount
  • Provide the senders information along with a proper address proof

Sending Money in Person

  • Choose your trusted partner for Send Money to USA
  • Select the receiver and provide the accurate details about the recipient along with the country and the correct location. There should not be any mistake in the provided Name of the recipient.
  • Choose the amount you need to send to your dear ones abroad
  • Choose the mode to pay the amount
  • Address proof of the Sender
  • Send your amount securely

With a decade of catering best service to the customers, UAE Exchange India offers big assistance in your hectic life schedule. Now it’s really easy to send money to USA and other nearby countries. Use safe and secure electronic method to send money to USA and other countries with ease. Online portal facility for blocking the rates and mobile app facilities has been introduced for simplifying the transactions.

UAE Exchange India has extended network for providing assistance according to customer convenience in various services like Foreign Exchange, Send Money Abroad, and Air Ticketing & Tours. UAE Exchange India, the leading financial services with more than 15 years of excellence in offering an array of versatile services has now swing to the advent of expertise, most apt for the convenience of generation next.

Wire Transfer from India to USA with UAE Exchange India-

  • Fast
  • Convenient
  • Safe ,Secure and regulated

Advantages for you:-

  • Proof ridden
  • Correct tracking
  • Travel card facility that has validity of 5 years
  • Instant message upon transaction

Enjoy your study abroad

  • Culture: From a dependent child to a bold lady, the greatest transformation that I could see in my daughter after choosing her future studies in USA. While doing her graduation in native, she wants her mother to perform the entire task. She learned to get along with people from all countries; I guess she learned to adjust with all situations. Though she being away from us, we are really happy to mould her to be fit for the modern competitive world.
  • Social Life: Unlike in India, teenagers in USA leave the home and make their living independently. Very often she shares the new experiences with students of other countries. It is the custom of Americans to greet everyone irrespective of relations. USA is often described as the home for people from various cultures. Americans are very open and friendly to foreigners.

If you wish to pursue higher education abroad, start the preparation right now to clear GRE and language test.

Sharing my experience

You all know something about remittance process but mostly inadequate information on Sending Money to USA. So from my experience it would be better to take a note of the below points before engaging in Sending Money to USA,

  • Get updated on foreign exchange market
  • Be updated about the currency rates
  • Know your KYC documents

Though you can enjoy the liberal scheme policy of outward remittance, there is a limit for the amount that can be remitted in a financial year.  You cannot remit more US $ 25,000 in a financial year for any purpose like, education, medical treatment, leisure trip etc. Remitters should have a track of the remittance service providers and should seek for the best service providers.

I just want to convey my remittance experience that could help others to make Send Money to USA hassle free. When she left for her higher education, my greatest concern was how to send money to USA. Through social circles I enquired about the best ways to send money to USA. Next concern was on foreign exchange, the best money exchange institutions. I had scrolled through various podiums to choose the cheapest means to send money to USA.

While searching the best ways to send money to USA, I have come up with various factors that could affect the remittance process. Most times currency rate fluctuation has been a serious issue while Sending Money to USA. In short, timing was the first hindrance. We cannot predict the fluctuation in currency rate that would affect our calculus amount. Sometimes there might be some delay in Intermediate banks transferring the amount increasing our hyper tension; whether the amount will be delivered on time, will there be any further delay etc.  Following the advice from the expert remitters, I choose the trusted partner UAE Exchange India to Send Money to USA for my daughter.

Apart from Sending Money, I was concerned over how could she save Money while Study abroad in USA. While thinking over the same, branch staff from UAE Exchange has shared some great information for students studying abroad in USA.

  • Consistent track on exchange rates: I used to Google various websites to know the currency rates in market. Besides I got updates of currency exchange market as SMS from my service partner to Send Money to USA.
  • Have an idea on ATM abroad and the conversion fees: I used to advice my daughter to withdraw more money to reduce the transaction cost. ATM is the best option to withdraw at overseas locations rather than spending time to withdraw from banks. By limiting the frequency of ATM withdrawals with the comfortable amount you could carry can save your cost. Though it does seem quite difficult for the students abroad, it is the best solution to get relaxed from the conversion and transaction cost.
  • Plan your Budget: Planning is the best and the easiest way to save your money while studying abroad. Unlike in our native country, the living expense will be much higher, that makes you feel quite insecure with the budget. So the best way to tackle the budget is to set up an online access to your bank account to check the balance regularly and make payments accordingly. This would give you a track of the amount and will laid a control on unexpected or over expenses.
  • Part time job: Finding a temporary job while study abroad will benefit you by saving the cost and it would be a great assistance to meet the living expenses. Further it will be an added advantage for developing your skills and experience while you seek job after completion of your overseas programme.

We may not have detailed knowledge on many subjects. But if you are a good listener and like to learn from experienced hands, you can learn many things. I have learned to Send Money abroad from UAE Exchange.

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