Money Gram

MoneyGram Money Transfer is quick, safe and convenient, which act as an ideal solution for migrants, who send money back home to their relatives, for tourists in need of emergency cash, for students and their parents for study and accommodation payments, etc.

With a constant support in simplifying the barriers for the NRIs to transfer their earnings back to their loved ones in India, or for sending currency to your dear ones for meeting their necessities in the foreign UAE Exchange India has entered into a tie-up with MoneyGram for enabling most hassle-free and easy money transfers to and fro India at the earliest.

MoneyGram global network consists of over 3,45,000 agent locations, including retailers, international post offices and financial institutions in over 200 countries and territories.

Advantages of UAE Exchange India’s money transfer through MoneyGram

  • Quick remittance:

Through MoneyGram your money can be received to the beneficiary comparatively much faster pace.

  • Easy:

Transaction via MoneyGram is relatively easier as you need less proof for remittance

  • Reliance:

With more than 70 years of world-wide networks, credible service are offered for the customers round the clock

  • Easy accessibility:

Ensures easy and most steadfast services in remittance to all without any bank account or credit card.

  • Convenient:

With extended worldwide channels of network most convenient services are offered to the customers.

 UAE Exchange India with MoneyGram’s wide-reaching network and multiple payout options, ensure you quick and safest services in sending money to your dear ones with assured trouble free experience.  Added with instant services in cash transfer and other related services, most convenient supports are ensured for you and your beneficiaries round the clock.

Our features:

  • Worldwide network : The instant support from the proficient branch/ agents ensures prompt service anytime from anywhere
  • Extra speed : Money Gram services make sure that your dear ones don’t have to wait for money, thereby lessen your waiting time
  • Reasonable rates : Provides best rates at reasonable transfer fee
  • Security assured: MoneyGram keeps your transaction safe and most secure
  • Hassle free delivery: SMS alert confirmation is sent once the receiver collects the money.
  • Consistent support: 24 X 7 customer support and online transaction tracker, ensure you to keep track of your money all day, from anywhere
  • Better choice with greater convenience: Enable better options for your dear ones to choose the most suitable mode to collect money