Educational Scholarships to Students


The role of students in the future growth and development of a country, especially in a developing country is huge. It is hard to think about the future prospects of any nation or expect a country to develop itself if it does not have adequate literate people.

By recognising the worth of students in carving the vision of our country, UAE Exchange India is initiating different CSR activities, specially focusing on the development of the students, thereby motivating them for being the future messengers of country’s growth and prosperity.

Usually, many business firms consider education as an important part of its operations or business, since the need exists in all geographic areas and across all subject areas. Companies get involved in supporting numerous students education programs for reasons like maintaining a positive reputation, increasing its brand appreciation, building more educated future generations, raising consumer awareness about a particular issue, and much more. Educational initiatives lead to better quality of life for the future generations.

Other than from contributions in monetary form or giving scholarships to the students, our company has also progressively involved with employees offering to dispense education related CSR activities by teaching students, training teachers and conducting various events at the school level.

UAE Exchange is heavily dedicated to assist the student to build a strong career. Coordinating them through various campaigns and training programs, the company helps students to face the challenging environment. The company has also interested in ensuring quality education to the students, improving the effectiveness of educational programs, to access best academic opportunities, providing numerous scholarships to the talented students for motivating them for higher success and helping the under-privileged students for better quality education.

Be a part of UAE Exchange India’s Educational Scholarship Programs

UAE Exchange India, as part of CSR activity is providing scholarship for students to build their confidence level and to motivate them. This program is available for children from 5th to 10th standard for the Current Academic Year (2016-17). The scheme also provides Cash Awards and certificates to the best students of the school.

The Government Schools near to the UAE Exchange branches, if interested in the program will have to submit the details below.

Criteria for selection of awardees by schools

  • Winning students from each class has to excel in their curriculum
  • Principal/HM, Vice Principal and PTA will evaluate winning students by the end of the academic year based on overall performance including attendance.

Cash Award

  • 2 students from each standard will get Rs.1000 cash award and a certificate from UAE Exchange
  • School to arrange a function for award distribution and certificate.
  • UAE Exchange officials to be called for the award ceremony for distributing the award and certificates


  • Current Academic Year 2016-17
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