Currency exchange rates in Mumbai

Wide range of options for currency exchange in Mumbai

Growing aspiration has made man travel to foreign land in search of prosperity and fame. Moving out of the home country calls for various necessities like food, shelter and above all the funds to buy all these, not only funds but funds in the form of foreign currency apt for the residing country. Hence as the need would call it, soon many currency exchanges sprang up across the world. Industry provides wide range of options for currency exchange like physical currency, prepaid travel card, prepaid forex gift card, International debit card, Swift transfer, FCDD, traveler cheques and much more.


Regular fluctuations in currency exchange rates have increased the volatility making it hard for the public to have access to the accurate currency exchange rates. Initiated with a purpose to support the crowd moved to foreign lands, UAE Exchange India started its operations as a foreign exchange almost 2 decades ahead. Now it has escalated itself as the best foreign exchange company with more than 380 branches across the nation.

People residing in any part of the nation can have easy access to currency exchange with their nearest branch. Currency exchange in Mumbai or any other city, UAE Exchange India is eager to meet all your currency exchange necessities within no time.

Currency Exchange in Mumbai could provide you with special conveniences

  • Competitive exchange rates

  • Good volume of highly demanded currencies

  • Online booking facility with rate locking options

  • Regular market analysis to provide optimized currency exchange rates

 Mumbai the business hub of India has almost 5 direct branches across Mumbai providing versatile currency exchange services. We strive to create value-added services to the customers by providing home delivery for the necessary customers and also to be accessible every time for the customers no matter where they are. In lieu of convenient accessibility we have integrated almost all our financial services to our optimized mobile wallet “XPay Cash Wallet” enabling faster digital connectivity.

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